Up close look at the new Tesla Model 3 aero wheel covers

When Tesla announced the long list of changes to the Model 3, one that was subtle but at the same time obvious was the newly designed 18″ aero wheel covers.

What Changed?

At a quick glance, they almost look the same as the original version (left), but upon closer inspection there are some differences. Much like the new Sport rim, the new aero covers (right) are flatter, and also have more of a contrast between the black and grey.

Old vs new aero caps
The changes weren’t limited to just the covers, as the wheels themselves also underwent an even more subtle slight redesign. (click to enlarge)

Now that the first customers are taking delivery of the refreshed Model 3 in Canada and the US, we are getting our first up close look at the new aero wheel covers.

Will the new aero covers fit on current aero wheels?

Probably the biggest question is whether owners would be able to purchase the new covers to put on their original aero wheels. Based on what we can see in the latest in-depth video by David Narayan, it appears the answer is yes.

In his video, we get to see the back of the aero covers, and all the clips appear to be the same size. We also get an up close look at one of the clips, and it appears to be the exact same as those found on the current aero caps. (Click to enlarge the images for a closer look)

Given that the current aero wheel covers cost just $35 CAD ($25 USD) each, buying these new versions will be a relatively affordable way to give your Tesla a fresh look.

When Tesla will officially add the new aero wheel covers to their online store is anyone’s guess, but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it and let you know as soon as they become available.

Would you buy these for your current Model 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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