Tesla Dashcam captures brazen daytime robbery [Video]

The Tesla Dashcam is not only useful for owners when their cars are damaged or vandalized, it is also helpful for other drivers on the road around them.

That was no more obvious than in San Francisco on Friday, when Tesla owner Alex captured a brazen daytime robbery.

The incident took place in San Francisco at around 4:30pm while attempting to get on a highway onramp. As he waits in traffic, a black Honda Accord approaches a Toyota Prius in front of him. Moments later, a passenger emerges from the back seat of the Accord, smashes the back window, grabs a large bag and quickly get back in the car which drives away.

The couple in the Prius, Ben and Masha, are real estate photographers and said they noticed someone following them after finishing up a photo shoot. They told ABC7 News the thieves made off with about $7,000 in camera equipment.

Fortunately the footage was clear enough to get a license plate from the suspect vehicle. The couple have filed a police report, but if anyone has any information on the robbery they can contact them at info@homeshots.us.

You can watch the full video below.

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