Tesla Model 3 and Model Y were two of China’s best selling EVs in April


Despite a slower than usual month in terms of sales, the Tesla Model 3 was still the second best selling electric vehicle (EV) in the China in April. The Model Y also had a strong performance, outselling rivals to be the fifth best-selling EV in the month.

Taking the top spot was the Wuling HongGuang Mini EV, a $sub-$5,000 car that doesn’t have airbags, selling nearly 30,000 units in April.

According to data compiled by the EV Sales Blog, Tesla sold 6,264 Model 3’s and 5,407 Model Y’s, for a monthly sales total of 11,671 sales.

China EV sales April
Image via EV Sales Blog

That monthly total was considerably less than what the company was able to achieve in March when it sold a record 35K+ units. The lower than expected number in April was due to exporting Model 3’s to Europe, something it began doing late last year to meet rising demand in the region.

The overall plugin vehicle market in China is growing rapidly. Over 175,000 units were sold in April, a massive 173% increase from the same month last year. That puts the overall plugin market share at 10%, of which 8.2% is made up of battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

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