Tesla shows off more of their new California Megapack facility

A new video showcasing Tesla’s Megapack facility in Lathrop, California, dubbed Megafactory, hit the internet earlier today.

In a post shared on the company’s official Instagram account, Tesla showed off production already happening in the facility.

In the post, Tesla explains that the new facility will be able to produce over 10,000 Megapacks per year.

The hope for Tesla and its investors is the Lathrop facility can help meet the massive demand for new energy products. Before the Megafactory opened, Megapacks were only built out of Giga Nevada.

However, Giga Nevada is a busy plant with multiple production lines, including the Tesla Semi. So, this new facility should provide a dramatic increase in production for these much-needed energy products for Tesla.

In September, Tesla confirmed that Giga Nevada was producing 42 Megapacks per week. So, once fully operational, the Lathrop facility will increase production about five times.

The Megapack is already popular with municipalities, states and even nations looking to invest in battery storage technology.

Not only can Megapacks help during blackouts, but the ample storage power also provides a meaningful storage option for renewables to assist the grid.

One thing that will be interesting to track is if Tesla’s increased production will decrease costs. One of the biggest barriers to adaption is the cost, so decreased cost could lead to an uptick in sales.

Giga Nevada see leadership change as Megapack and Powerwall production increases

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