Tesla Megapacks go online at Dunamenti Power Plant in Hungary

The Dunamenti Power Plant in Hungary has entered into a new era of power storage. Last week the power plant commissioned three Tesla Magapack‘s to maintain the balance in the power grind. 

The 7.68 MWh system will be capable of storing energy for two hours and will assist the grid during times of peak consumption. 

The MET group out of Switzerland led the installation effort and is planning to repeat the effort throughout Europe. 

The Vice President of MET Asset Management Holding AG, Balázs Gábor Lehőcz, had this to say:

MET is fully committed to supporting the energy transition. In addition to building renewable power plants, the company seeks to facilitate this transition with investments aimed at boosting the flexibility of production.

CEO of Dunamenti Power Plant, Péter Horváth, said this on the new installation:

We expect a rapid rise of energy storage solutions in the electricity sector over the next decade. So, following this pilot project, we plan to install additional electricity storage capacities in the coming years. Thus, the fact that we joined the Hungarian Battery Association today holds particular importance for us.

The project is already up and running and will replace antiquated performance-optimized storage cycles used within the Hungarian power system.

While power plants around the world increase their flexibility with the addition of Megapacks, Tesla is on the verge of significantly increasing their Megapack production.

The company recently started a large hiring campaign for their new Megapack factory in Lathrop, California. At full production the new facility will produce 40GWh of Megapacks per year, more than 10 times their current output.

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