Tesla confirms it will halt Passenger Play while vehicle is in motion

Tesla Video Games
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Fresh off the announcement of a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) preliminary investigation into “Passenger Play”, Tesla confirmed it is stopping the feature while a car is in motion.

Two weeks ago, the NHTSA noted that they were in talks with Tesla over the feature. Then, yesterday, the Agency announced that they were opening a preliminary investigation into the feature, including the frequency and use scenarios.

Tesla, for its part, confirmed with the Agency that they would halt the use of the feature while the vehicle is in motion, according to a statement issued to Teslarati.

The change will come in a new software update which will now lock and the feature unusable when the car is in motion.

With the update, Tesla arcade games will now only open when the vehicle is parked.

Previously, the feature allowed the passenger to play games while the car was in motion.

However, as noted by the NHTSA, the feature could be a distraction to the vehicle’s driver.

The NHTSA is still working on wrapping up its preliminary investigation. In addition it is working with Tesla to gather more information on the feature’s capabilities.

Tesla Model 3 driving 60mph the wro...
Tesla Model 3 driving 60mph the wrong way down a highway

Tesla did not comment on the software update or note when the over-the-air update will go live to vehicles.

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