Lithium producer Livent Corp is considering a Canadian expansion

One of Tesla’s lithium suppliers, Livent Corp, is considering expanding its production facilities into Canada.

Livent Corp is one of the leading lithium players in North America and has supply agreements with Tesla, as well as General Motors and BMW.

The company is already active in Canada and has invested in the upcoming Nemaska Lithium Project in Quebec.

So, it makes logical sense for Livent to look at production close to the Nemaska site that will open in 2025.

According to Reuters, Livent noted that Canada is a core part of its plan moving forward.

Livent CEO Paul Graves said this to Reuters after being asked about Canadian production expansion plans:

We see Canada as a core part of our expansion capacity. We have to get bigger. We can’t just sit still.

It remains a little unclear what Livent has in mind, but Canada has seen significant investment in the EV space.

So, a lithium production plant would make sense in Quebec.

Not only is the Quebec government friendly to the EV industry, and it could provide significant incentives to secure a facility.

The location would be close enough to serve the heartland of Canadian auto manufacturing in Ontario and major auto manufacturing states like Illinois, Michigan and Ohio.

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