First Tesla Megapack Installed in Cancun Hotel Zone in Mexico

The first Tesla Megapack was installed in Cancun’s Hotel Zone in Mexico. The battery will store energy from solar panels to power the 200-room hotel during peak hours.

The hotel industry of Quintana Roo is looking for opportunities to provide itself with green energy and not depend directly on the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). As part of this endeavor, the first Tesla Megapack was installed. The sector carried out the first tests in the hotel zone of Cancun through the Monterrey capital company Solar Fuel Eco Energy S.A. de C.V. The Megapack installed here allows it to accumulate solar energy to operate a hotel with 200 rooms during peak hours.

This model has spread throughout the region, and the Riviera Maya has at least four hotels with this type of amenity. Now the first investment is registered in Cancun. The company, represented by Bruce Rolland Santos, said Quintana Roo is in talks to install this type of energy solution for at least 30,000 rooms in Costa Mujeres, Cancun and the Riviera Maya. The total investment in the project will be about US $500 million.

Tesla Megapack depends on the power supply provided by solar panels installed on the roof of the hotel. It allows savings of up to 35 percent on monthly bills paid by CFE residence centers, especially in the field of renewable light sources in the tourism industry, detailed Andrés Muñoz, commercial manager of the Southeast from SolarFuel (via The Yucatan Times).

The Parnassus Hotel is the first in Cancun to have a Tesla Megapack and solar panels installed. Thus, it is the first completely renewable energy system, which will save costs and consumption during peak hours.

Today, in the Mexican Caribbean, only five percent of hotel rooms use renewable energy. The industry primarily depends on power supplies from the CFE. However, the benefits offered by Tesla Megapack and solar panels have greatly increased interest in this type of hotel power supply.

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