Tesla Energy Plan – a New Battery-Based Retail Energy Plan in Australia That Includes a Significant Powerwall Discount

Tesla has launched a new energy plan in South Australia to expand its virtual power plant and to balance the increase in rooftop solar power.

Named as Tesla Energy Plan, it is available through its retail partner – Energy Locals – and is aiming to attract new customers through large discounts.

The retail price of a Powerwall 2 battery will be reduced by $2,000 for new customers who sign up for the plan for at least 24 months. This discount is separate from the Australian government’s rebate of up to $2,700. In addition, new participants will be able to access time-of-use power prices and $220 in grid support credits per year.

Tesla Energy Plan Benefits
Image via Tesla

Tesla claims that its plan will reduce the cost of battery storage to a payback period of less than nine years. It has already met Australia’s demand for improved control over solar generation resources installed on the rooftops of homes and businesses.

Currently, Tesla and Energy Locals is approved for 13MW of capacity in all six of South Australia’s Frequency Control Ancillary Services contingency markets.

Source: One Step Off The Grid

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