SpaceX launches Starlink service in Hungary

SpaceX has added to its growing list of Starlink supported countries by launching the satellite internet service in Hungary.

The aerospace company emailed customers this week who had previously signed up to receive the service to let them know it was now “immediately available.” According to a copy of the email shared on Reddit, Starlink is available across the entire country.

The email says users can expect low latency and download speeds of up to 250Mb/s.

One local Redditor expressed his gratitude with finally being able to sign up for the service after waiting three years for the opportunity. Even though he is located in the center of Budapest, Hungary’s capital, he says Starlink’s downloads speeds will be far superior to the 3Mb/s he is receiving through his current internet provider.

Starlink has expanded and grown rapidly since launching its beta testing program in October of 2021. The satellite internet service is now available in more than 30 countries around the world and already has a user base topping 250,000.

SpaceX recently added a new portability feature that allows users to take their internet on the road. The feature is limited in that you have to use the service on the same continent and you likely won’t get the same speeds as you would if you were at your designated home location.

The feature costs users an additional $30 CAD or $25 USD per month.

SpaceX launches Starlink Portability feature to use Dishy McFlatface in new locations [Update]

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