Tesla Israel expecting to import 5,000 cars before the end of the year

Teslas at a port courtesy of X Auto World

If you have pre-ordered a Tesla in Israel, there is exciting news. The American company is expected to import and deliver about 5,000 EVs in the Middle-Eastern country in the coming weeks.

The first wave includes 2,500 units. It is the largest shipment the country has seen so far and may land next week.

Tesla’s Israeli operations have reason to hasten the import. The country will soon implement a 10 to 20 percent purchase tax increment, as Globes reports.

The first batch contains Model 3’s made in China and will land in the port city of Ashdod. The next set will follow weeks after and arrive at the same port, and is expected to also include around 2,500 cars.

This means not less than 5,000 new Tesla cars are set to hit the road in Israel this quarter alone.

Some of the cars are going to leasing companies, with Blue Sky receiving 400 units alone. These cars will be delivered to customers who have already signed a leasing agreement.

Globes reports that other brands are also trying to beat the purchase tax increment. Up to 12,000 units may be rushed into Israel in the final weeks of the year.

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