Tesla and Octopus Energy expand retail power supply offering to all of Germany

Tesla electricity tariff

After initially offering their electricity tariff program in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany, Tesla and Octopus Energy are expanding the program to the rest of the country.

The program allows customers with solar panels and Tesla Powerwalls to use more of their green electricity stored in their Powerwalls at peak times.

As the solar array generates energy, it gets stored in the Powerwalls and is only used when grid prices rise.

“The Tesla electricity tariff for Powerwall owners provides you with inexpensive green electricity if the electricity you generate yourself is not enough.A low basic price ensures that your expenses for electricity from the grid remain low. Compare your current provider and switch to the Tesla electricity tariff powered by Octopus Energy today,” Octopus Energy said in a statement.

According to details of the program, customers will pay direct energy procurement and network costs and a flat fee of €3 ($3.48USD) per month guaranteed for a period of two years.

This pricing structure eliminates the overheads and profits bundled into pricing by other distributors, reports Reuters.

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