Lithgow City Council in Australia installs rooftop solar paired with Tesla Powerwalls

In an effort to reduce costs and its carbon footprint, Lithgow City Council in New South Wales, Australia recently installed solar panels and Tesla Powerwalls.

The 74.1kW solar power system installed on the roof of the council’s administration building generates enough electricity to completely power the building during the day.

Lithgow Solar Panels

The system is paired with six Tesla Powerwalls, each with a capacity of 13.5kWh, providing 81kWh of storage to also power the building throughout the night.

Lithgow Tesla Powerwalls

“The system will also ensure that the Council administration building can remain operational in the event of a grid power outage which speaks to improved business continuity in emergency situations” said Lithgow City Council’s Mayor, Councillor Ray Thompson.

City council says the installation was completed to help meet a number of objectives in their Community Strategic Plan by 2030. These include reducing their operational costs, carbon footprint, and generating revenue through feeding excess power back into the grid.

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Australians seems particularly fond of Tesla Energy solutions. The Hornsdale Power Reserve was recently upgraded to 150MW, making it the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery. It won’t hold that title for too long, as 300MW ‘Victorian Big Battery’ is planned to be operational Victoria, Australia by the end of 2021.

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