NGEN launches third Megapack project, its largest yet in Slovenia

Slovenian energy company NGEN has launched its largest Megapack project to date.

The latest project from the company will be a 20 MW/ 40 MWh Tesla Megapack system to assist the Slovenian grid.

With this latest project, NGEN has over 60 MW available to assist the grid that stretches from Turkey to Norway.

The total project cost is around 16 million Euros.

As the Slovenian power grid is not decentralized, a blackout on any part of the extremely large grid could lead to corresponding failures.

Thus, NGEN has invested in assisting in grid stabilization in the region.

NGEN is a bit of a different thinker regarding power companies in Europe.

The company believes that decentralizing the power grids with microgrids is the way forward.

This way if there is a fault, outages would be limited to the microgrid the fault is on.

In addition to their larger scale power projects in the country, NGEN is also preparing client packages for the Tesla Powerwall and Solar to help individual clients.

These packages should launch in the near term and will help provide a better deal than the current offerings for excess energy storage in the region.

The package would include both Tesla Solar options and a Tesla Powerwall.

The Megapack project has already gone live, and we are sure it will not be the last Megapack project for NGEN.

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