Epcor’s Energizing Edmonton project brings 24 new EV chargers to the city

Epcor’s Energizing Edmonton project is bringing the city 24 new EV chargers at eight accessible sites.

All of the sites, with one exception, are already opened and are a mix of DC fast chargers and Level 2 chargers.

As per the Edmonton Journal, the new chargers are located at:

  • Telus World of Science at 11211 142 St. (DCFC – 1 charger)
  • Edmonton Expo Centre at 7515 118 Ave. (Level 2 – 2 chargers)
  • Callingwood Twin Arena at 17740 69 Ave. (Level 2 – 4 chargers)
  • Terwillegar Recreation Centre at 2051 Leger Rd. (Level 2 – 4 chargers)
  • Meadows Recreation Centre at 2704 17 St. (Level 2 – 4 chargers)
  • Edmonton Convention Centre at 9711 Grierson Hill (Level 2 – 4 chargers)
  • Epcor’s Hugh J. Bolton building at 12116 107 St. (Level 2 – 4 chargers)
  • Blatchford (coming soon) (DCF – 1 charger)

National Resources Canada funded $210,000 of the project through the Zero Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Program.

In a news release, the President and CEO of Epcor said this:

Rolling out more options for drivers looking to support a greener future is what Energizing Edmonton is all about. The new EV charging sites were selected in collaboration with our partners in the City of Edmonton — keeping the needs of drivers top of mind. And not only are these chargers conveniently located in all quadrants of the city, commuters can plug in for free.

Epcor’s Energizing Edmonton is a joint partnership between the City of Edmonton and Epcor.

The program has partnered with FLO to install EV chargers in key locations throughout Edmonton.

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