Tesla store opens in Slovenia, Service Center to follow soon

After publishing job postings earlier this summer for Tesla Advisors and a Store Manager, Tesla has officially opened a new store in the central European country of Slovenia.

The Tesla store, located in the capital city of Ljubljana, is the first in Slovenia and was officially opened in August. The opening gives residents direct access to Tesla vehicles. Previously you had to import the electric vehicle (EV) from other nearby European countries where Tesla has an official presence.

While that did give an option for Tesla ownership in Slovenia, it also presented some problems as there was no official service available if something went wrong with your EV. The nearest Service Center was to the north in neigbouring Austria.

That will also soon change, as the first Service Center is expected to open before the end of the year, reports Sta.

Despite only just opening their first store, there are already 3 Superchargers in Slovenia. One is located in Ljubljana in the central part of the country, with the other two in Kozina in the west and Maribor to the east.

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