Megapack farm in development in Arroyo, New Mexico

Tesla Megapack farms are popping up worldwide, and the latest is in New Mexico. Pictures have emerged of the Arroyo Solar and Storage project on social media.

Tesla’s Megapack powers 31 MWh expansion of Watertown, NY substation.

The site is under construction, as shown by the COO of NuConsult Services, Nicholas Park, on his LinkedIn account.

From the photos on the project, the site has already accommodated about 100 Tesla-made batteries.

Wells Fargo reportedly backs the Arroyo project. The plant includes 300 MWac of solar PV and a 150 MW/600 MWh battery energy storage facility. This means the site is only about halfway into the battery installation. When completed, the plant will likely be used in stabilizing the area’s grid. It is expected to play a vital role in Mexico’s switch to renewable energy.

The developer is DE Shaw Renewable Investments, DESRI. Tesla and SOLV Energy will provide maintenance and operation services.

Tesla is reportedly targeting 442 Megapack batteries in the third quarter. Some of it is powering the Dunamenti Power Plant in Hungary.

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