Tesla Cybertruck spotted at Giga Texas Supercharger revealing more frunk details

A Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted plugged in to a Supercharger at Giga Texas, and while the frunk was closed, we now have a better idea of just how big it will be.

Since Tesla has yet to release any official details or specs on the Cybertruck, and likely won’t until the first deliveries are made, fans have been speculating on how big and how much extra storage the frunk will provide. Based on photos of some of the test vehicles, we already know that the frunk opening will span the entire width of the front of the electric pickup truck, much like the frunk of the F-150 Lightning.

This wide opening gave hope that the Cybertruck’s frunk would offer close to the 14 cubic feet of storage space found in the Lightning, but a leaked photo last month dampened those hopes with what looked like an unusually small frunk space. The only thing about that photo was that the frunk was missing the frunk tub liner, so we couldn’t get a true sense of the depth.

Now a Cybertruck has been spotted outside of Giga Texas, giving us another clue as to the size, and it may not be that bad after all. The newly built Cybertruck was spotted in a drone flyover by Joe Tegtmeyer, and thanks to the vantage point of the drone’s camera, we can see the frunk tub liner is sitting in the Cybertruck’s vault. (h/t: @greggertruck)

While it is difficult to estimate the exact depth of the frunk liner, it does appear to be much deeper than we thought it would be based on the photo from a few weeks ago. It appears to be deeper than a Model 3 and Model Y frunk, and when you add in the significant amount of extra width, it looks like the Cybertruck will have a decent amount of storage space in the frunk.

Given how fresh this Cybertruck is, having just rolled off the production line, we can safely assume that the production versions will indeed come with the same aero covers that were on the prototype. Giga Texas is currently testing and calibrating the production lines to get them ready for series production, which could begin as soon as this month.

Do you spot anything else interesting in this photo? Let us know in the comments below.

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