Tesla employee confirms made in Texas Model Y delivery with 4680 battery cells

During last week’s Cyber Rodeo, ten Model Ys drove across the stage after Elon Musk announced the deliveries of the first cars made at Giga Texas.

Unlike at Giga Berlin a few weeks earlier, we didn’t get to see Musk personally hand over the cars to the new owners, leading some to wonder if the deliveries actually took place.

It was confirmed on Sunday that they did, and as many others suspected, they were first delivered to employees.

Regan Janssen, an Engineering Process Technician at Giga Texas shared on Linkedin that she was “one of the first” to receive made in Texas Model Y.

Janssen also confirmed what everyone suspected, that the Model Ys out of the new factory have structural battery packs and 4680 cells.

Based on the photo Janssen shared, it looks like Tesla delivered up to 20 Model Ys at the Cyber Rodeo.

In a photo of the delivery area taken during the Cyber Rodeo by The Kilowatts, we can see the Model Ys lined up, and in what can only be described as an incredible coincidence, the photo actually captures Janssen checking out her new car.


The reason they were first delivered to employees is because customers can’t order one yet.

The Model Y Standard Range AWD hasn’t been added to the Design Studio, but recent changes suggest it will be added soon.

We also don’t know the price yet. Currently the Long Range variant starts at $82,990 CAD/$62,990 USD, so we are guessing it will priced around $76,990/$59,990 USD when it arrives on the website.

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