Elon Musk confirms rear-wheel steering in Tesla Cybertruck

Cybertruck Texas

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed in a tweet that the Tesla Cybertruck would have rear-wheel steering, among other things. However, things are still not clear if the rear-wheel steering is similar to the GMC Hummer EV crab mode or not.

The tweet confirmed suspicions that the Cybertruck final production version is similar, if not the same, as the first production version. This means there will only be a few refinements, but overall sizing will not change.

Further to this, Musk touched on the fact that there are more surprises to come with the Cybertruck. As he ended the tweet with “a lot of other great things coming”.

One possibility is that the Cybertruck will have a crab mode, similar to the Hummer EV. However, the company has yet to release any confirmation.

The GMC Hummer EV crab mode allows the vehicle to move diagonally in a straight line. This feature is perfect for those who are looking to use the EV for off-roading.

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