Ukranian man builds his own Tesla Cybertruck, and it actually doesn’t look too bad

We’ve seen it before from Russia, where someone built a “copycat” Cybertruck which was spotted on the streets of Moscow.

While the creator definitely deserves credit for creativity, it didn’t exactly look like the real thing. Now someone in neighbouring Ukraine has built another Cybertruck, this time with much better results.

The man behind the project, Ilya Kramer from the Ukranian city of Poltava, took a 33-year old minibus and almost completely dismantled it. With basically just a frame, he then put it back together and made a convincing Cybertruck replica.

Tesla Cybertruck replica frame

The most difficult part of the build was due to the Cybertruck’s steep windshield. As a result, the steering wheel column had to be extended and moved further back into the cabin.

Other features Kramer is particularly proud of include remote controlled doors, and a working tailgate, which he shows off its sturdiness by standing on it.

It may look close to the real thing, but there are a few important features that set it apart. The obvious one is that it isn’t electric and has a 2.5L diesel engine. Another important missing feature is windows that can roll down, or air conditioning, leading it to feel like a sauna in the hot summer months.

h/t [Giebener]

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