Tesla Cybertruck spotted with new aero wheel covers

cybertruck aero covers
Credit: @zecazan | Instagram

Sightings of the Tesla Cybertruck have been an almost daily occurrence over the last few weeks, but each sighting hasn’t really revealed anything new, other than some interesting camouflage that likely won’t make it into production. However a new feature has been spotted on a Cybertruck this week that has many people hoping it also won’t make it into production.

The sighting was in none other than Palo Alto, California, home of Tesla’s Engineering headquarters and the epicenter for Cybertruck sightings. What made this sighting different however was the unique new aero wheel covers on the Cybertruck. A video of the Cybertruck was shared to Instagram by user @zecazan. That video has unfortunately expired, but a copy was also uploaded to X by @DimaZeniuk.

These covers, if they are covers, are substantially different than the other aero covers we have seen previously, all the way back to the original prototype in 2019. While those covers match the sharp lines and overall design of the Cybertruck, these covers feature much more flat design that likely improves efficiency more than the rugged covers from the prototype.

Speaking of those original aero covers, it looks like they will make it into production as they were also spotted on Monday at Giga Texas. A release candidate (RC) Cybertruck was parked in front of the factory, where a Tesla employee shared a walkaround video to X. Presumably that was a no-no as the post was later deleted, but not before it was saved and re-shared on Elon Musk’s social media platform.

While it wasn’t apparent at the time, it was parked outside for a visit later in the day by Senator John Cornyn, who got to sit inside the Cybertruck and tour the factory with Elon Musk.

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