Save 15% on Cybertruck clothing and accessories at with the coupon code drivetesla15

With the Cybertruck still well over a year away, and the Hot Wheels versions of it not coming out until later this year, you’ve got to get your Cybertruck fix somehow.

For those that want to sport some great Tesla Cybertruck clothing and accessories, is the place to go. And you can save 15% off your entire order using the discount code drivetesla15.

They sell some great Cybertruck t-shirts and hoodies, with my favourite being the “Evolution of the Truck” design showing the Ford Model-T all the way up to the Cybertruck.

They also sell some cool Tesla wall art of the Model 3 and Model S, and this retro sunset art piece of the Cybertruck.

Retro Cybertruck

If you’re looking for something Tesla or Cybertruck, it’s likely they’ll have it, from a Cybertruck wall clock to a mousepad or laptop sleeve.

They also just released a new collection of clothing and stickers of “Cyberman”, in collaboration with Amy Sober.

Cyberman Collection

Check them out at and save 15% off your entire order using the coupon code drivetesla15.

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