How to map all of your Tesla Supercharger visits with one click

One thing Tesla owners love to do is take their vehicles on road trips. When you do, you get to visit many of the great Supercharger locations across the network, some of them with beautiful scenery.

While Tesla does show your Supercharger history in your online account, they don’t show it to you on a map, or give you a summary of how many stations you have visited.

Thanks to one Tesla fan, you can now do both with an easy-to-use plugin.

Created by @teslainvernon, the Google Chrome plugin can be downloaded here. Once installed, simply visit your “History” page in your Tesla account, and click on the icon for the plugin in your browser.

When you do, a new “View on Map!” button will appear, along with a quick summary of how many times you have used a Supercharger and how many stations you have visited. Click on the button and you will see all of your visits on one map.

MySuperchargerApp summary

Unfortunately for those lucky Tesla owners with free lifetime Supercharging, this obviously won’t work as Tesla doesn’t provide you with a list of your Supercharger visits.

How many times you have used a Supercharger, and how many Superchargers have you visited? Let us know in the comments below, or post your map to Twitter and tag us @DriveTeslaca.

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