The Tesla Cybertruck could feature dual subwoofers

The Tesla Cybetruck may have one of the best audio systems in the EV space with a new set-up we have not seen in a Tesla.

The Cybertruck could sport two subwoofers under the rear seats if low-voltage schematics are correct from back in March.

Tesla enthusiast, Matthew Donegan-Ryan, went back to the March 1 Investor Day presentation and noticed two triangular boxes under the rear seats in the low-voltage schematics. The location does make logical sense per audiophiles. Most SUVs and sedans put the subwoofers in the trunk, but as the Cybertruck does not have the cavernous space in the back, under the seats makes sense.

Tesla has not confirmed the reports, but the Donegan-Ryan believes the vehicle will feature two eight-inch ported subwoofers and the rest of the speaker set-up. We would assume that the Cybertruck would have a similar 14-speaker set-up that the rest of the models have, but we have not seen any details yet.

We know that Elon promised the Cybertruck would have an epic sound system in December.

So only time will tell, but we are excited to see if this dual subwoofer news is accurate and test it out on the Cybertruck.

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