Tesla increases price of Wall Connector by more than 10% in Canada and US

Tesla has increased the price of its popular Wall Connector in both Canada and the US by more than 10%. Today’s price increases comes after the product has seen both price increases and decreases over the past year, making it more than 40% more expensive than it was just six months ago.

According to an update to the Tesla Shop on Thursday, the Wall Connector is now priced at $650 in Canada, and $475 in the US. Previously it was priced at $575 in Canada (+$75) and $425 in the US (+$50). (h/t: @SawyerMerritt)

However it was much cheaper earlier this year, when in December a price drop brought the Wall Connector down to $465 CAD and $350 USD, making it the cheapest Level 2 48 amp EV charger on the market. That price level was short lived however, with Tesla increasing it just one month later in January to make it even more expensive than it was before the price drop – $575 in Canada or $425 in the US.

It will be interesting to follow the price of the Wall Connector in the future. Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) has quickly become the favoured standard in the matter of a few weeks after Ford and General Motors announced they were going to be adding the NACS port to their EVs starting in 2025. Even though today’s price increase had obviously made the Wall Connector more expensive, it is still cheaper than almost every other home charging solution on the market, especially when you consider how feature-packed it is compared to others. Given that Ford and GM EV owners will soon have a need for a NACS home charging solution, they may just turn to Tesla unless either automaker, or a third party, comes out with a compelling alternative in the future.

The price increase will be particularly felt by Tesla owners in British Columbia, where there provincial rebate program for EV chargers ended this week. The program used to provide up to $350 in rebates to cover the purchase cost and installation of an eligible EV charger, including the Wall Connector.

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