Tesla Cybertruck Transformer – Toronto man builds ultimate Halloween costume

Since Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the radically designed Cybertruck to the world last year, we’ve seen a number of replicas being built, some more accurate than others.

We’ve even seen a half-scale Cybertruck built in Ontario last year, which was powerful enough to win a tug-of-war against a full-size Ford F-150.

Going even smaller than that, we now have our first halloween Cybertruck Transformer costume, and it looks awesome.

Made from cardboard by Mark Petryczka, also from Ontario, the Cybertruck halloween costume looks amazingly accurate when completely assembled. From the replica wheels to the Vault cover, it has it all, even an Ontario ‘CYBRTRCK’ license plate.

Tesla Cybertruck Transformer

The fun begins though once his five-year old son Jasper stands up, as the Cybertruck intricately transforms to reveal the costume continues underneath with a Tesla T logo helmet for the Teslabot, Optimusk Prime.

The Cybertruck Transformer also comes with Level 10 Autonomy, and a must-have for any Giga Berlin rave cave partier – portable rave dance party speakers with LED lights.

Speaking with Drive Tesla, Mark said the carboard costume was built in his spare time on evenings and weekends, and took about a month to create.

Optimusk Prime won’t be the only Tesla-inspired Halloween costume this year at the Petryczka household. Mark tells us his seven-year old son Mozaik, also a huge Tesla fan, will be dressing as up CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla Cybertruck Transformer kids

This isn’t the first cardboard Transformer costume Mark has built for his kids. Some of his other works include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream, Nemesis Prime, and more. His work has been so popular he has even worked with Paramount Pictures and Amtrak for commissioned projects.

Check out his YouTube channel for all of his creations.

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