These guys have built a half-scale Cybertruck, and it looks awesome

Tesla’s Cybertruck has only been around for 3 weeks, but we’ve already seen paper cut out models, mashed potato creations, AR Cybertrucks in your driveway, and 3D printed Cybertrucks. Now the folks over at the HackSmith are in the midst of creating a half-scale, working Cybertruck.

The Hacksmith has a popular YouTube channel that builds and creates real working prototypes of fictional ideas from comics, movies & video games, with their ultimate goal of inspiring youth into science, technology and engineering. Their latest creation is a half-scale Tesla Cybertruck.

They first started their design on November 27, just 6 days after the unveiling. Since then, they plasma cut 0.125″ stainless steel and successfully bent the truck bed using a sheet metal brake, something that was not designed for this kind of metal.

In the past few days they have got it to the point where it moves, and can leave a nice trailer of rubber as it accelerates.

One thing they have yet to build for the mini-Cybertruck are some brakes, which judging by this video where they use just 25% of the motor power, might be something they want to add fairly soon.

While this Cybertruck will never make it into mass production, seeing it only makes us hope that someone, somewhere, creates a mini-Cybertruck to satisfy our Cybertruck needs for the next two years until it starts production in late 2021.

Would you buy a mini-Cybertruck? Let us know in the comments below.

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