Fisker reveals four EVs, from affordable to supercar models

Fisker has unveiled four new EVs during its Production Vision Day 2023 event after recently commencing deliveries of the Ocean in the US. The EV startup revealed everything from a flagship to an entry-level.

The star of the show is the Ronin, Fisker’s flagship EV. The electric supercar will showcase the company’s technology and offers 600 miles of driving range. Fisker has named it the world’s first four-door convertible. The high-end model features a carbon fiber hardtop, scissor doors, sculpted wheel arches, aero flaps, etc. The five-seater will be hand-built and manufactured in limited quantities. First impressions include a silhouette similar to the discontinued Fisker Karma.

Other technical details include a cell-to-chassis battery, a tri-motor configuration delivering more than 1000 hp, and 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 2 seconds. The Ronin will be available in the US by the end of 2025.

Fisker also showed off the Alaska, its entry into the growing electric pickup segment. The truck is based on a modified Ocean platform called the FT31 and will fall somewhere between a compact and mid-size pickup truck. The Alaska offers a 4.5 ft bed extending to 7.5 ft with a midgate.

The Alaska, priced at $45,000 before incentives, will have a driving range between 230 and 340 miles.

Also on display was the Fisker Force E, an adventure version of the Ocean. It is actually an add-on that can be applied to existing Ocean SUVs.

Perhaps the most anticipated is PEAR, Fisker’s affordable EV. PEAR stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution. It starts at $29,000, which drops to $22,400 for buyers that can take full advantage of the federal EV tax credit.

PEAR is built off the SLV1 platform, with a dual-motor system providing AWD capacity. Buyers can expect about 300 miles of driving range, although they might have to wait until 2025 to get their hands on one.

PEAR has a fake grille, like its older sibling Ocean. Other interesting features include cameras in place of side mirrors and the Houdini trunk, which retracts into the rear bumper. The car will be available in five-seat and six-seat configurations.

Fisker aims to sell 1 million PEARs annually. The company has followed Tesla’s footsteps of selling emission credits.

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