Tesla Cybertruck shows off its frunk while wrapped like a Ford F-150

The Tesla Cybertruck was spotted with a new pixelated camouflage wrap last week, doubling the number of different Cybertruck wraps to two. While the latest wasn’t spotted in public, there are now three Cybertruck wraps, and it may be the weirdest camouflage we’ve ever seen on a vehicle.

When the Cybertruck was first unveiled it was compared against the Ford F-150, America’s most popular pickup truck for several decades. In fact there was even a video of the Cybertruck having a tug of war with a F-150 shown during the reveal event.

Now with the launch of the Cybertruck getting closer by the day, Tesla appears to be getting ready to take another swipe at the F-150. A photo has been shared online by John Anderson (@john12782) showing a Cybertruck with a vinyl wrap to make it look like a F-150.

This photo looks like it was taken inside the same shop where we saw a legion of Tesla Bots marching in front of several Cybertrucks a few months ago.

While the unique wrap catches your eye, there is another piece of information revealed in the photo, and that’s the open frunks on both Cybertrucks. We have seen photos of the Cybertruck frunk before, but they were from a distance and not from the correct angle for us to get a sense of how big it is. While the frunk in this is clearly missing the liner, but based on what we can see, there is a lot of equipment in the area making it seem like the frunk will be quite small.

Many were expecting the Cybertruck frunk to rival that of the F-150 Lightning, but the Cybertruck has a considerably shorter nose. It could be the angle of this photo playing tricks on our eyes, but based on this photo alone it doesn’t look like it will come anywhere close to matching the 14.1 cubic feet of storage space in the Lightning.


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