Tesla Cybertruck spotted at Giga Texas confirming frunk details and revealing Gigawiper in action [Video]

The Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted on the grounds of Giga Texas this week undergoing testing at a mobile wind tunnel. The truck has been observed parked in the same for the last couple of days, and during that time photographs and drone footage have confirmed a much anticipated feature, and shows us another in action for the first time.

Cybertruck Frunk

When Tesla first unveiled the Cybertruck back in 2019, there was a lone still image of the electric truck’s frunk during the presentation, showing it opened like a tradition hood above the headlights.

Since the night of the unveiling Ford has come out with the F-150 Lightning, which features a ‘Mega Power Frunk‘ in which the front grill area opens up along with the rest of the hood. This provides a massive opening making it much easier to put things in or take things out of the frunk.

Recent sightings of the beta production Cybertruck builds have suggested that it would come with a similar frunk opening that would include the entire front end. That appears to be the case based on an image taken of the Cybertruck at Giga Texas on Thursday. Shared on Twitter by Cybertruck fan @greggertruck, we can clearly see the frunk is open, and that it includes the area below the headlights, much like the F-150 Lightning. However what sets it apart from the Lightning is that the Cybertruck’s headlights run lengthwise across the top and front part of the hood. While we can’t see it in this image we assume that the Cybertruck’s frunk opening will be even wider than Ford’s Mega Power Frunk and include the entire front end. Here is what it could potentially look like based on a Photoshop job by @TeslaTruckClub on Twitter.

Cybertruck Gigawiper In Action

One of the most polarizing features of the Cybertruck has been its massive single wiper arm, which we refer to as the Gigawiper. Despite the obsession with the Gigawiper, and the numerous sightings of the Cybertruck as of late, there has still been no video of it in action. That is, until now, as it was finally captured in a drone flyover by Brad Sloan. Although we only get to see about 10 seconds of action, we can see the Gigawiper clears the majority of the equally massive windshield, with exception of a small section in the top right corner (which can be seen in the image above with Franz von Holzhausen).

As we noted at the beginning of this article, the Cybertruck has been parked in front of a mobile wind tunnel for the last few days. While this is not your traditional wind tunnel, of which there are very few and very expensive, this kind of testing aims to identify any wind noise problems in the Cybertruck’s cabin, along with apparently testing the ability of the Gigawiper to function in high winds, and is a good sign that production is getting closer and closer.

You can check out the full drone flyover below, which starts at the point where the Gigawiper is seen in action.

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