Tesla begins designing Supercharger stalls for the Cybertruck

With the release of the Tesla Cybertruck still over a year away, the automaker is already making preparations for it by designing Superchargers stalls for the electric truck.

According to a recent proposal put forth by the Pasadena Water and Power Department in California, a new 20-stall V3 Supercharger will hopefully begin construction soon in an under-utilized city-owned parking lot.

What makes the design unique and the first we know of anywhere in the world is that 6 of those spaces will be specifically designed for the Cybertruck.Cybertruck Supercharger stalls

The site plans show the six Cybertruck stalls will be separated from the rest of the Supercharger stalls and located in the center of the lot. The plans also show that along with the 20 Supercharger stations, the city will also be adding 7 DC fast chargers and 20 Level 2 chargers.

Cybertruck Supercharger stalls

We already know the Cybertruck is going to be huge, so big that Tesla CEO Elon Musk even considered reducing the dimensions so that it could fit in the average garage (after some consideration, he changed his mind).

If you’ve ever been in a crowded parking lot, you already know the issues of large pick-up trucks taking up more than one parking spot simply for the fact they can’t fit in just one. Given how crucial it is to ensure Supercharger stalls are available as much as possible, it only makes sense that Tesla would design stalls large enough to fit Cybertrucks side-by-side (what a sight that will be).

Here are some renders of the site, which unfortunately doesn’t actually include any Cybertrucks. It is also interesting to note whoever created the render has no idea that Tesla’s have to reverse into the parking spots to charge.

h/t @MontrealTesla via TMC

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