More Tesla Cybertruck details revealed following Investor Day display

Tesla put the latest beta production version of the Cybertruck on display at Investor Day last week, giving us a look at some never before seen features of the electric truck. Not only were attendees able to get a first hand look at the Cybertruck, they were also able to ask employees and executives questions about it, and one of those attendees has shared what he was able to find out about the truck’s specs and more.

That attendee was Matthew Donegan-Ryan, who has previously shared details of his discussions with Tom Zhu about Gigafactory Mexico. Some of the specs and details Donegan-Ryan shared is based on information provided to him by employees, while other parts of it are his best guesses and estimates based on what he heard and saw.

Cybertruck Dimensions

Tesla released initial dimensions when the original Cybertruck prototype was unveiled in 2019, and the dimensions estimated by Donegan-Ryan using the measuring app on his iPhone are largely the same. These estimates should be taken with a grain of salt because he was reportedly told this latest version of the Cybertruck is about 5% smaller than the original prototype.

Measurements aside, Donegan-Ryan said the Cybertruck appeared to be “just a little smaller than a Ford F-150 Raptor,” of which he has owned several, but has more usable space with about a 6″ longer bed. Speaking of the bed, he was also told there will be no passthrough from the bed to the cabin, although he believes the rear window will go down.

Cybertruck Frunk

After its appearance last week many, including us, were speculating the Cybertruck’s frunk would include the headlights and “grill” area, allowing it to create a huge opening like the F-150 Lightning. According to what Donegan-Ryan was told, this is not the case and it will open like a Model X.

Configurations & Rear-Wheel Steering

Tesla has already announced it is ditching the single motor variant, and instead adding a quad-motor variant which is slated to be the first configuration built at Giga Texas. Donegan-Ryan speculates Tesla has changed course again and is going with a tri-motor variant instead like the Model S/X Plaid. There will still be a dual-motor variant as well.

What he was told however is that all configurations will have rear-wheel steering and air suspension as standard, and will only come with five seats instead of six on the original prototype due to the 5% reduction in size.

Other standard features will be the hybrid yoke-round steering wheel first seen last week, an 18.5″ main display (the largest Tesla screen yet), second row screen, a windshield light bar, and 18″ wheels.

Donegan-Ryan was also reportedly told that Tesla is not working with third-party accessory makers for the Cybertruck, but instead has a dedicated in-house accessories team. This team is reportedly designing products for multiple customer personas including offroading, camping, and baja racing.

There was a lot of other information presented by Donegan-Ryan. You can read it all in the Twitter thread below, or watch his YouTube video below that.

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