More Cybertruck details emerge, but still not from Tesla

Tesla still hasn’t announced any of the final specs for the Cybertruck, leaving fans to speculate on what may come as standard or optional equipment, and also rely on leaks from either employees or people close to them. The latest unconfirmed information comes from the latter, after a user on X (formerly Twitter) revealed what he learned after going for a test drive in the Cybertruck this week.

The details were revealed by Serif Black (@SerifBlack) on an X Spaces discussion hosted by Yaman Tasdivar (@ValueAnalyst1). The discussion went on for quite some time, during which a lot of information was shared, some of which we already knew, but also a lot of new, and if true, exciting information.

Among the more exciting revelations was that the Cybertruck will come with a 240v outlet in the bed of the truck, or as Tesla calls it, the Vault. While Black was not able to confirm, he speculated that the Cybertruck “might have the ability to do bi-directional charging.”

Black also spoke about the performance of the Cybertruck, likening it to the Model X Plaid, both in terms of acceleration and ride quality. Black also confirmed the Performance variant that CEO Elon Musk recently took for a test drive will feature a Plaid tri-motor powertrain, and not a quad-motor setup as previously stated by Musk.

Unfortunately Black had no information on the price or the range of the Cybertruck, but here is a quick summary of what was discussed: (via @TeslaPodcast)

  • Frunk and tonneau cover are powered open/close
  • Tried laying in the funk and “it fit me at 5’7″”
  • Tailgate can remotely open but not close
  • No pass-through to bed, no HVAC in bed and didn’t see anything about rear cabin glass opening
  • Feels “more cushy” than Model X Plaid on 20″ wheels
  • Very quiet and plush interior, very well executed
  • Interior finish is similar to Model X
  • Turning radius is similar to Model X
  • 4-wheel steering happens automatically
  • No plans for 6-seat version

Black also spoke about the Cybertruck delivery event. The event was originally targeted to happen before the end of Q3. With that deadline already in the rearview mirror, Black says the date has been finalized and communicated internally to some staff, and that it will be announced soon.

You can listen to the full X Spaces below.

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