Tesla Cybertruck Sentry Mode gets Cyber Owl as sightings near Canadian border

Tesla is continuing to extensively test the Cybertruck across the US, with numerous sightings across the country over the weekend. One of those sightings revealed a unique Sentry Mode element for the Cybertruck, as at least one Release Candidate (RC) truck made its way up the west coast close to the Canadian border.

Tesla first released Sentry Mode in 2019 through a free over-the-air (OTA) software update. The feature takes advantage of the car’s built-in cameras to keep a watch on the surroundings, and if it detects movement close to the car, the cameras start recording, with the main screen inside the vehicle turning on to warn whoever triggered the cameras to start recording.

In its first iteration the main screen would display the HAL 9000 graphic from 2001: A Space OdysseyHowever due to intellectual property rights issues Tesla soon switched to a new red graphic that also appeared to have been borrowed, but this time from the video game Portal.

Now with the pending launch of the Cybertruck, we learn that Sentry Mode will soon gain another new icon, although this one looks like it could be a Cybertruck exclusive. Redditor u/CaliforniaMuscleGuy captured this photo showing it has the Cyber Owl, with the added touch of having red eyes.

Interestingly this is a recent addition to the Cybertruck as previous sightings of the Cybertruck with Sentry Mode active has shown the same icon currently found on other Tesla vehicles that you see above.

While this Cybertruck was spotted in San Francisco, another RC Cybertruck has made its way up the west coast and close to the Canadian border. On Saturday we reported on X (formerly Twitter) that a Cybertruck had been seen in central Oregon, and speculated that it could be heading north, and hoped that it could possibly even be coming to Canada.

As it turns out it was on a road trip heading north, with the same truck being spotted in Seattle on Sunday. As you might know Seattle is less than a 2 hour drive away from the Canadian border near Vancouver, but unfortunately that appears to have been as far north as it was going as it was seen heading south again towards Portland on Sunday evening.

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