Tesla Cybertruck seat design and details revealed in patent filing

New details about the interior of the Tesla Cybertruck have been revealed in a patent filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

U.S. patent number D938,745 [Application Number D/714,260] was granted by the USPTO on December 21, 2021 and is for  “Vehicle Seats.”

While the patent doesn’t explicitly mention the Cybertruck, there is no mistaking the design from the prototype, seen below.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the patent filing is that the rear seats in the Cybertruck will feature a 60/40 split.

This is different than the design in the Model Y where you can fold the left, center, and right seat down independently, two at a time, or all at once.

Also visible in the image above is that the front center seat is foldable. This gives the possibility the Cybertruck will feature a pass-through from the cabin to the Vault (truck bed).

A pass-through is not guaranteed as there are other trucks with similar setups that do not have one.

Another useful feature that looks like it may make it into the production version of the Cybertruck is a large storage area under the center front seat.

The filing also reveals the front passenger seat could come with lumbar support, something that was removed from the Model 3/Y earlier this year due to a lack of use by customers.

While we have yet to see actual images from the interior of the latest Cybertruck build, we have a good idea of what it looks like now after one was spotted at the Fremont test track earlier this month.

Tesla Cybertruck with new design features spotted on Fremont test track

You can see all the images in the patent filing below.

cybertruck seats
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