Tesla reveals new Cybertruck details: Beast Mode, wheel sizes, camping accessory and more

Tesla is planning to deliver the first Cybertrucks in just two days. In the lead up to the Delivery Event at Giga Texas, Tesla has revealed new details about the Cybertruck hidden in the source code of the latest mobile app update.

On Tuesday morning Tesla released version 4.27.3 of the mobile app on the iOS App Store, and thanks to the folks over at Tesla App Updates (@Tesla_App_iOS), we know it includes a treasure trove of details about the Cybertruck, including a brand new ‘Beast Mode,’ the different wheel options, some new accessories that will likely be available at launch, and more.

Cybertruck Beast Mode

Probably the most intriguing piece of information in the app update was a mention of ‘Beast Mode,’ which was included in the Cybertruck folder. Along with the name of the feature, the only other piece of information that was included was the visualization that will presumably appear on the main display when it is activated.

As you can see it bears a striking resemblance to the visualization on the Plaid, suggesting this will only be available on the tri-motor, or Performance version of the Cybertruck, and hints at its impressive acceleration capabilities.

Cybertruck Wheel Sizes

We now also know the Cybertruck will come with at least three different wheel options. The first is an 18-inch wheel with what looks like standard all-season tires. These will also include the smaller wheel covers that we have seen on some of the test vehicles.

Next are 20-inch wheel with what looks like all-terrain tires, and the larger wheel covers that we have seen on most test vehicles, and on those on display in showrooms. The code included two images for these wheels, but there was also a third that had no image but were referred to “Premium” wheels. With both 18-inch and 20-inch wheels not having the Premium tag, this suggests the Performance variant might get its own special wheels that we haven’t seen yet.


Cybertruck BaseCamp and Other Accessories

We also got our first look at what may be the first accessories to launch with the Cybertruck. Probably the most exciting is one called ‘BaseCamp.’ From the image it appears to be a tent that attaches to the Cybertruck’s vault, and according to the source code this looks like it will also include a mattress. Based on the image it appears as though the mattress will sit on the tonneau cover itself. Unfortunately there was no information on pricing in the source code.

Another accessory mentioned in the source code was an optional light bar. The original Cybertruck prototype had an integrated light bar at the top of the windshield, and was one of the most sought after features to make its way into production. Unfortunately it did not, but Tesla will at least be offering it as an optional accessory. We have already seen the light bar on some of the test Cybertrucks, including on one of the Cybertrucks that conducted off-road testing in Baja California, and now the mobile app confirms it.

Here are some of the other, smaller pieces of information included in the app update, including some assets discovered by X user @olympus_dev.

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