Tesla hiring drivers for reliability, performance and homologation testing of Tesla Semi

Earlier this month we saw evidence that Tesla had started limited production of the Tesla Semi at Giga Nevada.

Some of the first units coming out of the factory are believed to be heading to PepsiCo for a customer test program.

In another sign the automaker is about to start testing the Semi in preparation for volume production in 2023, a job posting has appeared seeking “commercial truck operators” for durability testing.

More specifically, they are looking for drivers to conduct “reliability, performance and homologation” testing of a commercial truck, which can be none other than the Tesla Semi.

According to the job description,  the position is based out of Fremont. Testing will take place at “3rd party proving grounds” and include things like:

  • Specific course-based driving
  • Towing
  • Functional operations of vehicle systems such as door / trunk / hood cycling, ingress / egress, steering lock to lock maneuvers etc.

Aside from the overall importance of such a job posting, perhaps the most interesting part is that it mentions homologation of the Semi.

If you are unfamiliar with that term, it is the process of certifying that a vehicle is roadworthy and matches the criteria set by the government for those vehicles.

It is also the last step to be completed before a vehicle can be sold in that market. However it does not always mean that sales will begin immediately after it has passed the testing.

This isn’t the only job posting currently published on Tesla’s Career website related to testing of the Semi.

There is also a “Sr. Vehicle Test Engineer – Semi” that will “develop and execute vehicle testing for Semi and various platforms.”

You can view both listings here and here.

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