Tesla tests Cybertruck crab walk at Giga Texas

Tesla will finally start deliveries of the Cybertruck this month, and with less than 30 days until we (hopefully) learn all of the details on the electric pickup truck. One feature we know will be coming is rear-wheel steering, and for the first time we have seen Tesla testing it out by making the Cybertruck do a crab walk.

Elon Musk first announced the Cybertruck would have rear-wheel steering back in 2021, a feature which moves all four wheels as the steering wheel is turned. While the rear wheels don’t turn at the same angle as the front wheels, they synchronize their movement, either in the same or opposite direction, improving the vehicle’s maneuverability at both low and high speeds.

We have seen various videos of the feature in action, but now we have a video of Tesla testing the feature in a unique way at Giga Texas. Captured during a drone flyover by Joe Tegtmeyer, we can see a Cybertruck driving along looking like it needs an alignment job. It obviously does not, and the driver is instead testing out a crab walk mode, making it drive at an angle.

For many Cybertruck owners this feature will likely be used more as a cool thing to show to your friends and family, but for others that will be taking their Cybertruck off-roading, it could prove to be especially useful.

The Cybertruck won’t be first electric truck to have rear-wheel steering and a crab walk feature. The Hummer EV also comes with both.

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