Tesla’s “one more thing” from the Cybertruck reveal – an electric Cyberquad ATV

In true Musk fashion, he ended off the night walking off the stage, abruptly ending the evening…or so we thought. He had one more trick up his sleeve, a brand new product that no one saw coming.

The electric ATV, dubbed Cyberquad, drove on stage, and was then promptly loaded into the Cybertruck Vault (aka truck bed). Once inside, the ATV was plugged into one of the built-in plugs in the Vault to charge.

The design of the ATV looks almost as futuristic as the Cybertruck, and the pair definitely go well together. No other details about the ATV were provided tonight, and Tesla’s website has not been updated with any either.

An electric ATV would definitely make for a fun toy. Especially if you can charge it in the back of your Cybertruck.

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