SpaceX puts Tesla Cybertruck to work hauling Raptor rocket engine

Tesla has been extensively testing the Cybertruck across the US over the past few months, even taking it across the border to Mexico this week. Now Tesla is working with one of CEO Elon Musk’s other companies, SpaceX, to test the towing capabilities of the electric pickup truck.

On Tuesday the Cybertruck was spotted arriving at Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas, home of the Starship program, by several of the regular SpaceX watchers, including self-proclaimed photographer and rocket nerd, Sean Doherty.

However it became quickly apparent that the Cybertruck wasn’t at Starbase for just a photoshoot, but rather for it to be put to work. Later in the day the Cybertruck was seen towing a Raptor 2 rocket engine. In a video captured by Starship Gazer, the Cybertruck driver was able use some pretty impressive driving skills to reverse the massive engine into one of the warehouses on Starbase. After it was unhitched from the trailer, the Cybertruck was driven off to another parking lot where it covered to keep it safe.

Although the Cybertruck only towed the Raptor rocket engine a short distance, it likely did it with ease. When the Cybertruck was first unveiled it was said to have a 14,000lb+ towing capacity. According to Everyday Astronaut, Raptor 2 is significantly lighter than Raptor 1, but still comes in at a hefty 1,600kg (3,500lbs), a weight that is on the lighter side for recreational trailers.

While it might not have been a particularly strenuous test for the Cybertruck, the appearance of the truck at Starbase did generate a lot of free publicity for what is already the most anticipated vehicle launch (not that type of launch) in recent memory.

You can check out the shiny Cybertruck hauling the Raptor 2 engine below.


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