There has been 1 Cybertruck reservation every 2 seconds since it was unveiled

The Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled to much fanfare 6 days ago, and since then Tesla has received over 250,000 reservations for their latest creation, according to the latest update from Elon Musk.

Once you dig into the numbers a little, it becomes an even more impressive accomplishment given how many people and the media have portrayed the Cybertruck as ugly and not a real competitor to traditional pick-up trucks.

Musk tweeted they had reached 250,000 reservations at 7:14pm on November 26, which is approximately 4 days and 23 hours since reservations opened up on Tesla’s website, or 119 hours in total.

That works out to over 2,100 reservations per hour, or 1 reservation every 2 seconds since the unveiling. If we got by the rate of reservations in the first 6 days, there have been an additional 10,500 orders place in the 9 hours since Musk tweeted.

That brings the total order revenue to an estimated $16 billion! Critics will say that 100% of those reservations will never be filled, but even if only 50% are cancelled, that is still nearly $8 billion in future revenue. Not bad for an ugly Cybertruck.

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