Tesla Cybertruck moves from ‘in development’ to ‘tooling’ as production nears

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Tesla published their Q3 2022 earnings this afternoon, and as usual included some exciting information in the shareholder deck. One piece that will be particularly interesting to the more than 1 million people waiting in line is that the Cybertruck is no longer “in development.”

In each quarterly shareholder deck Tesla provides an update on their installed production capacity at each of their factories, which now stands at close to 2 million units per year. Included in the table is the status of future vehicles as well, and for the first time the Cybertruck is now in the ‘Tooling’ phase.

The news is excellent for those curious about if Tesla would be able to maintain the production schedule on the Cybertruck, which as of the most recent update is scheduled to begin in mid-2023.

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The tooling phase allows Tesla to start setting up the machines and production line before a vehicle enters full production.

Although this move does not cement that production will start soon, it is a good sign that Tesla is on track to meet its mid-2023 production goal.

In addition to the Cybertruck news, Tesla confirmed the Semi has entered “early production” in Nevada. The first deliveries of the electric class 8 truck are scheduled for December 1, 2022 with the first units going to PepsiCo.

Tesla did not provide a capacity number for production for the Semi, but it likely isn’t very high as they are using a temporary facility in Nevada before moving production to Giga Texas at some point in the future.

The shareholder deck still shows the Roadster, Robotaxi, and “others” are still in development. According to Elon Musk the Roadster is supposed to enter production next year.

You can read the full Q3 report below.

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