Tesla Cybertruck Spotted at 50,000th Supercharger

A Tesla Cybertruck release candidate was spotted in California. The steel beast was charging at the 50,000th Supercharger, of which the company celebrated the opening in early September.

Over the weekend, the Tesla Cybertruck release candidate (RC) was spotted in California once again. It visited the 50,000th Supercharger, which was installed less than two weeks ago. The Ultra Red Supercharger complemented the futuristic Cybertruck perfectly, creating an incredible atmosphere. Photos and videos of this significant location were taken by one of the enthusiasts who went to the special charging pile to look at it. @MermanThommy/X, who shared the video, was pleasantly surprised that along with the unique pile, he was also able to see the Cybertruck charging on it.


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The pickup truck had the same “RC” decals found on some other prototypes with manufacturer’s plate on it. Previously, we could often see plates with the inscription California, but the Cybertruck has plates issued in Texas, which confirms its origin. This is the first Tesla vehicle that will begin production for consumers exclusively in Texas. The pickup truck attracted a crowd that looked at its mind-blowing design from all angles.

The 50,000th Tesla Supercharger was unveiled on September 8 in Roseville, California on 1851 Freedom Way. Last week, the company shared photos of the location. It turned out that the pile is exclusive and has an Ultra Red color, which attracted many EV enthusiasts and fans of the company.

At the moment, Superchargers are being actively installed all over the world, with 50,000 stalls located at more than 5,488 Supercharger stations globally. The US is one of the most dynamically developing countries in terms of Supercharger. Today, about 35.3% of all Supercharger stations are located in the US, followed by China which has the second largest number of Supercharger installations with 33.1%. Canada is in third place with 3.5%.

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