Tesla Cybertruck LEGO fan creation one step closer to becoming a real LEGO set

The Tesla Cybertruck isn’t expected to enter production late 2021, you may soon be able to get your hands on an ultra-cool miniature LEGO version.

A few months ago after the Cybertruck reveal in Los Angeles, Tesla and LEGO fan @BrickinNick created his very own Cybertruck out of spare LEGO parts. His creation even included a frunk and working tailgate.

After creating his LEGO Cybertruck, he submitted it to LEGO IDEAS, in the hopes it would get enough votes to become a real LEGO set. Thanks to overwhelming support, his LEGO Cybertruck now has the required 10,000 votes to potentially make it into production.

Since his initial creation, @BrickinNick hopes to be able to integrate additional feautures into the Cybertruck before it his production, like opening doors, a fold or slide-out ramp similar to the one seen on reveal night, opening charging ports, a full interior, steering, and suspension, and a Tesla Cyberquad as an accessory.

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