Elon Musk hints at steer-by-wire yoke steering in Cybertruck, confirms it will be a ‘tech bandwagon’

Yesterday Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed he will be providing an update on the company’s product roadmap at the next quarterly earnings call in January 2022.

One of those updates will be on the Cybertruck, which despite being unveiled just over two years ago, we still don’t know what the final design will look like.

One feature that was in the prototype and appears to be making its way into the production version is the yoke steering wheel. Musk seems to have confirmed the feature in a tweet asking if the Cybertruck will have a yoke.

In a follow-up tweet, Musk added the Cybertruck will have technology we probably haven’t even though of yet.

One piece of technology that has been thought of and appears will be included is drive-by-wire steering, which can reduce the steering ratio required to make a turn.

Many were hoping Tesla was going to introduce a steer-by-wire system with the introduction of the yoke in the Model S earlier this year.

Unfortunately that didn’t turn (pun intended) out to be the case, resulting in many complaints the unconventional steering wheel didn’t lend itself to taking corners, making a u-turn, or maneuvering in a tight parking lot.

Hopefully we learn this and much more when Musk gives us a Cybertruck update early next year.

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