GMC Hummer EV user interface includes image that mocks Tesla Cybertruck

hummer lights button
Credit: Doug DeMuro /YouTube

Neither the GMC Hummer EV nor the Tesla Cybertruck have officially hit the streets, but it looks like General Motors thinks their offering will crush the competition.

In a video review of a prototype unit, car enthusiast Doug DeMuro uncovered a button in the touchscreen menu that depicts the Hummer EV driving over top of the Cybertruck. (h/t: @BabyTesla3)

cybertruck lights
Credit: Doug DeMuro /YouTube

Interestingly, DeMuro doesn’t talk about the button, even though he appears to have used the customization tool to add the image and rename one of the AUX inputs as ‘lights.’

The Cybertruck isn’t the only wacky image available in the prototype software. Users can also select from things like a Hummer EV pretending to be a meteor about to crash into dinosaurs, a Sasquatch, a Hummer EV under water or hovering, and much more.

Credit: Doug DeMuro /YouTube

It will be interesting to see if this button makes it into the final production version.

We should find out soon as GM has announced the first Hummer EV deliveries will begin before the end of the year.

First off the line will be the top-of-the-line Edition 1 models, which will come with 329 miles (529km) of range on a full charge.

You can watch Doug’s full video review below. The Cybertruck button appears at 8:27.

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