Tesla Cybertruck battery packs to be made at Fremont at launch, not Giga Texas: Report

With the launch of the Cybertruck on the horizon, Tesla is reportedly planning to build one major component of the electric truck at their Fremont factory, while the rest of the vehicle will be assembled at Giga Texas.

In late August Tesla submitted a permit application to the City of Fremont to build a new battery manufacturing line at the Fremont factory. According to the permit Tesla wants to install the new ‘CTA Battery B-Build’ line on the second floor of the main assembly building.

While there has been no announcement by Tesla as to what vehicle the new line will be producing battery packs for, it will reportedly be the Cybertruck.

According to sources familiar with the plans that spoke with Teslarati, Tesla is planning to take battery cells manufactured at other locations and assemble Cybertruck battery packs on the new line.

It is still unclear whether those battery packs will contain 4680 battery cells. The report said they could be 4680 cells made at their Kato Rd facility just around the corner from the Fremont factory, or 2170 cells made at Giga Nevada.

Those same sources said construction of the new line has already begun at Fremont, and that engineers are already installing equipment to produce the Cybertruck battery packs.

Once the packs have been built they will reportedly be shipped to Giga Texas, where the rest of the Cybertruck will be built. It is expected that once Giga Texas ramps up their production of 4680 cells, all Cybertruck manufacturing will shift to Texas.

This is just the latest sign that Tesla is preparing to begin Cybertruck production on target for their delayed schedule next year.

Most recently two new Cybertruck bodies were spotted arriving at Giga Texas. It has been speculated those are going to be used to test and calibrate the Cybertruck production lines.

It is also expected that the 9,000 ton IDRA Giga Press will arrive at Giga Texas soon. Over the summer it was disassembled in Italy and shipped to Texas, where it arrived in Houston in late September.

IDRA finishes testing and ships the Cybertruck Giga Press to Texas

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