We knew it was coming – now you can 3D print your own Tesla Cybertruck

So far we’ve seen paper cutouts, mashed potato designs, and virtual Cybertrucks appearing in driveways and streets, but now you can 3D print your very own Cybertruck, with working LED lights.

Roger Kapler, a Tesla Model 3 owner created a scale model that was 3D printed in white, a process which took about 24 hours just for the printing itself. When the printing was complete, he had to sand it down and then painted it silver to match the Cybertruck’s stainless steel body panels.

The windows, which unfortunately don’t feature the signature cracks thanks to Franz’s Herculean arm, were made by cutting plastic sheets with gel filler to the desired shape. He also installed working LED lights for the headlight (not headlights anymore) and taillight, both of which are powered by 2 AA batteries in the “Vault” of the Cybertruck.

All in Kapler estimates it took nearly 40 hours in total to complete his Cybertruck, and only cost about $50 in materials, including the plastic for printing, as well as paint and the other supplies for the windows and lights.

If someone wants to 3D print one and send it to me for a Christmas gift, I won’t say no. You can use this design on Thingiverse.

Source: Carscoops

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