Unplugged Performance teases early Tesla Cybertruck launch while showing off new CYBRHEX wheels

Unplugged Performance has had a long history with Tesla, largely stemming from them being neighbours to the automaker’s Design Studio in Hawthorne, California for nearly a decade.

That relationship was informal for most of that time but eventually grew to them becoming officially endorsed by Tesla last year as an authorized Tesla service and body repair shop.

That relationship has also given them early access to some Tesla vehicles, most recently the Model S Plaid. The company revealed their heavily modified Model S Plaid, now known as Dark Helmet, at Laguna Seca within 2 days of the special delivery event last year.

Now it looks like the company may have early access to Tesla’s most anticipated vehicle – the Cybertruck. In a tweet on Tuesday afternoon Unplugged Performance shared an image of the Cybertruck sporting a new set of  UP CYBRHEX wheels on the electric truck.

Making it even more interesting, the tweet suggested the Cybertruck could be launching earlier than anticipated. “The UP CYBRHEX Wheel. Equipment for your interplanetary future. Arriving sooner than expected,” the tweet says.

(And the wheels looks amazing too)

Of course this is all speculation, but the wording in the tweet was very specific and clearly chosen for a reason. Elon Musk is also well known for hidden easter eggs, although this one didn’t come from Tesla directly.

As of the most recent update, the Cybertruck is on track to enter production in mid-2023. That timeline might be accelerated because the 9,000 ton IDRA Giga Press arrived in Houston, Texas at the end of September after being disassembled and shipped from Italy.

The massive press hasn’t been spotted arriving at Giga Texas yet, but we will hopefully see it on site soon.

What do you think? Is Unplugged Performance teasing an early Cybertruck release? What do you think of the UP CYBRHEX wheels? Let us know in the comments below.

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